Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everyone in the pool!

Today we swam in Mam-o and Pop-o's pool, day and night! Sydney loves the pool and she is getting less and less nervous in the pool all the time. We worked on her kicks and arm movements and she even floated a bit. She was finally brave enough to drive her boat around and she had a blast. Here are some pictures...

So excited for the pool!
Sydney LOVES this table set. Mam-o bought it before our last visit and Sydney talked about it the whole way to the house yesterday.

The pool cleaner is the funnest toy ever! (Click on the picture to check out the expressions, I love it!) Practicing our floats!
Boy that was fun!
It was 80 degrees at 9pm so we decided to go for a night swim! Sydney loved it, she thought it was so neat to swim and look up and see the moon.
The boat! Sydney didn't want this boat in the water at all earlier today. She likes to sit in it in the living room. Tonight she finally took the plunge and rode in her boat in the pool. She had a blast!
Uncle Andrew and Sydney


Tunky said...

LOVE all of the pics! Glad you are there safely and looks like all is well in Cali! Happy Family time!! Now, I need to get my blog updated with just one or two things...hmmm.

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

How adorable!!! You guys look like you're having the best time ever! Are those Keen's on Sydney's feet? If so, where did you find her size? We're having a heck of a time finding some in Hayden's size!!