Monday, July 14, 2008

And the rest of our trip....

On Thursday we headed into San Francisco. San Francisco is just on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge from Sausalito, where we stayed at David and Beverly's "cottage."
We went to the Exploratorium first, which is a big science museum. My science nerd husband (and I mean that in a good way) loves all things science and I really want Sydney to love science also since I have never been that into it and well, if she's going to Harvard she needs to like this stuff, LOL. We spent a few hours exploring the exploratorium and had a good time.

Anthony, Syd, myself and Andrew in front of the exploratorium (it had scaffolding all over it)
So excited!
Leave it to Andrew to find the only video game in the place...


There was a really cool robot who imitated everything you did, Sydney thought it was so cool.
Here's what the robot sees and mimics
Ballet pose-can you do that robot?
Nobody else was brave enough to drink water from the toilet...except Sydney and I

This is what a little science does to my child....

The kaleidoscope mirror
We headed over to Golden Gate park, one of the coolest parks ever! Check out this's a 40 foot concrete slide. Sydney LOVED it! She started off looking a little scared but she was smiling by the end.

More please! After two trips down she asked if she could go down all by herself. We decided against it.

Part of the park
Even adults like the park
Sydney loves to climb up the slides
We headed over to a nice restaurant overlooking the bay for dinner. Here is my fam sporting sunglasses-it was bright!
This is the view from the cottage-which by the way is not really a cottage in case you were wondering. It was pretty foggy when I took this so it's not the best picture but the view from the house is terrific. The little island you see is Alcatraz, and the bridge is the Bay Bridge. You can also see San Francisco. One of the coolest things is at night-the light from Alcatraz shines into the guest room every 5 seconds. It's always seemed so surreal to me, and I love it. I mean seriously, Alcatraz!! Uncle Andrew and Sydney
Sydney and Mam-o
We stayed with Aunt Donna in Oregon on our way home. Sydney asked on the way there, "Does she have toys?" We explained no toys, just piano which was pretty fun for Sydney. Sydney took this picture of herself and Donna.
We also visited Great Aunt Dot in Oregon. She is such a lovely woman and we enjoyed our visit. After we left Sydney said, "She had no toys." Oh yes, the mind of a two year old.
Going home!
Sydney decided to put her sweatshirt on her legs like pants...silly girl.

We had a great time on our trip to California! Sydney did great, she loved exploring new places and seeing her family. She's such an easy kid to bring on trips which makes it even more enjoyable. The dvd player in the car was a bonus too, she loved watching Dora, reading books and playing with her toys.


FlyingCats said...

What a beautiful family! I can't wait to meet the new one in December. Hopefully, we'll be able to fly up for Christmas and we'll get the babies together!

Leslie and Mark said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! San Francisco is one of my very favorite vacation spots!