Monday, July 7, 2008

We're feelin' the heat!

Today was HOT! I think it reached close to 104 today. I am fairly confident it has never reached this high of a temperature in all of Seattle history. I do remember one year when I was a kid it reached 100 for about 5 minutes and that was a record. It was big news and it was all the talk on the playground and the news stations. Okay okay, so for the California and southern folks, I know this is just a typical summer but I am still getting used to this while visiting family in California. Thank goodness for A/C, that's all I can say. At 11pm it's still like 84 degrees. Again, pure craziness to me. Yup, we will probably not be moving down here anytime soon. Sydney just keeps saying, "It's too hot."

Today we hit up a really cool new outdoor mall in Sacramento. Since it was outdoors we didn't last too long because of the heat. Definitely worth checking out when it's a bit colder. We went to the cutest store called, "Posh Punkin." I actually did buy a super cute tee for Sydney. I've seen this shirt before and always wished I had purchased it. (Ours is brown with pink though.) They also had True Religion jeans in Sydney's size and if it wasn't for the $128 price tag they possibly could have been ours. Well, if they were $100 less. Jessica has these jeans and they are super cute but yowzers, who actually pays that for kid's jeans? Okay, Jessica might. LOL

Here's Anthony and Sydney in front of the fountain:

We hit up PF Changs for lunch and then headed to the indoor mall to cool off, do a little browsing and Sydney did a little playing at their playground. Later in the evening Anthony, Beverly and Sydney made some "dee vee" (divinity). Here's our little taste tester after giving the thumbs up:


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

LOVE that shirt!!! How adorable. I think that fits Syd to a tee!

Jessica Zevely said...

I'm SO going to buy those jeans for her one day!! Ha ha :)