Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

It's no secret that I am terrible at wishing people a happy birthday on this blog. I started off with the best of intentions-January and February were great. I had one birthday to remember and it was a success. Then there were a few grandma birthdays I was about a week late in posting about, and over the next few months after that I missed friends birthdays, along with Pop-o, a couple of brother's birthdays along with a godparent. So here is a HUGE Happy Birthday to all my friends and family who I didn't post about on this blog. And just for the record, I did call or e-mail those family and friends. I didn't completely flake. Maybe next year I will be better....maybe. No promises though.

Okay, so with all that out of the way...

I've always heard that you marry someone like your dad, and when I married Anthony I thought, "Well they are kind of similar, but their hobbies are completely different-Anthony doesn't love soccer and golf like my dad." Then Sydney arrived and I saw the love and adoration between Anthony and Sydney that my dad and I have always shared. Sydney looks up to her daddy just like I always did with my dad.

Thanks dad for all the love and support over the years. Thanks for putting up with my six year college plan-don't worry, I'll take care of you on the flip side when you get old. Thanks for letting me learn to drive a stick shift on your brand new Toyota truck in 1991. See, I didn't do too much damage, it's still running 17 years and 360k miles later. Thanks for coming out to look for me when I was 20 minutes late for curfew and mom was panicking and sent you out to look for me. Sorry about that. And thanks for marrying two wonderful women, mom and Kay. You know how to pick them. And lastly, thank you for being such a good grandpa to Sydney, she loves you so much.

I had to include this picture-it's one of my faves of the family. It was taken in the late 70's-can you tell? I was 2 1/2 in this picture and Trevor was 3 1/2.

Papa and 3 day old Sydney-they even have the same hair style!
And Nana and Papa at our wedding

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Anonymous said...

Holy moses...BAWLING!! YOu are so amazing Stace and all those things you said to your Dad...seriously--I feel like I'm prego (and of course working at Wally World) with all my hormones! You must be rubbing off on me cuz there's no possible way! LOL