Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trains, friends and Del Taco

Today Anthony set up the train set at Mam-o's house. This train set is pretty cool and doesn't see the world outside of the box very often lately. It was fun for Anthony to be able to set it up for Sydney to enjoy, although I am fairly certain he enjoyed it just as much as Sydney, if not more.
Sydney and the Christmas train

Mam-o and Sydney My child, err I mean husband
Sydney put blue puppy on the train and had fun running around behind him. Silly girl.
We stopped off at Pop-o's office and Sydney had her first eye exam. Contrary to the look on her face, she did very well. Afterwards she announced, "I didn't even cry!" Her eyes look great according to Dr. Pop-o.
My friend Niki was also in California visiting friends and family so we thought it would be a must to meet up! Especially since we live about 5 miles from each other and hardly see each other. It was great to meet her friend Tatum who I have heard a ton about over the years, and her adorable little girl Teagan.
Sydney and Niki
Teagan and Tatum
The girls
Tatum and Teagan
Niki and I in front of Del Taco-yes there's a story behind this. In the fall of 1999 Niki was living in Sacramento and I came down to visit her for a few days. We spent some time in Sacramento, then took a road trip to Lake Tahoe and also San Francisco-in Niki's white Jeep. (Loved that car.) It was an awesome road trip. Anyway, we spent many of our meals at Del Taco. We don't have these in our area so this was a treat! Niki and I knew that if we were both in Sacramento at the same time then we'd definitely have to hit up Del Taco so here we go....

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