Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I got kitchen! I got kitchen!

Sydney is the proud owner of her own little kitchen.
Yes, we should have bought this for our little Betty Crocker a year ago.
I was putting it off because well, kitchens take up a lot of space and we already have a few big toys that take up a big chunk of the family room. I finally decided that we would sell the big school bus and buy a kitchen with the money. (She rarely plays with the thing anyway.) Plus I found a nice little kitchen that would fit up in our kitchen nook, right next to our kitchen. Perfect, it fits into unused space and frees up the coveted space downstairs.
I ran this idea by Sydney a couple weeks ago and she was agreeable to saying goodbye to the school bus for a kitchen.
Now we just either need to find the missing letter magnets for the school bus or buy new ones so I can put it on Craig's List to sell it.
So far so good. She has been saying,"I got kitchen, I got kitchen!" She's been calling everyone on the kitchen phone describing her kitchen. She's made cupcakes and has microwaved apples and pineapple for Anthony and I. She hasn't stepped away from it since we set it up. Total success.

Here are pictures of the new addition...

Sydney posing next to her new kitchen while daddy put it together
Daddy and daughter

She's a little bit excited, can you tell?


Kristin said...

Yay Sydney! I knew you could talk them into it! Can we come over and play? That sure looks like fun!!!

Wehunthouse said...

Man you even got the stainless steel appliances. I had to wait 34 years for those! LUCKY. I wish we could come over and play. Maybe in June? I'll keep you posted.

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Oh that's adorable! I love how excited they get over stuff like that! I think you might just have the next Iron Chef on your hands Stac!!!

JessicaT said...

Oh this calls for a playdate! I bet she makes you all sorts of goodies! Yummmmmm!