Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The park with the posse and the doc visit

Today we met up with our friends at the park. The weather was great! I think it was about 50 but it was sunny and after all the rain and snow we've had lately, it was terrific. Sydney was so excited to see her buds-she ran up to Samantha when she saw her and gave her a big hug. Later she did the same to Cole. What a sweetie. She just loves her friends. The kids played and we ate lunch at the park.

We had a doctor appointment this afternoon and the doctor's office is about two blocks away from the park, how convenient. Sydney was so excited to see her doctor. She's been talking about her for a while now. When the doctor walked into the room, Sydney gave her a hug and kiss. At her two year appointment Sydney cried nearly the whole time so this was a welcome surprise. The doctor informed us she doesn't have a UTI, and did feel that her lymph nodes were a bit swollen, so most likely Sydney had a viral infection which caused the fever.

When we pulled into our garage this afternoon, three neighbor girls ran up and asked if Sydney was home. They had seen the ambulances and Sydney carried off by a paramedic so they were very concerned. I took Sydney out of the car and the girls all gave her a hug. Sydney really hasn't ever played with them because they are a bit older, 5, 6 and 7. Two of the girls held Sydney's hand and walked around with her, then they pushed her in their wagon and Sydney had a blast. She adores her new friends, Kaley, Anna and Janie. I chatted with the neighbor mom for awhile too which was nice. Her son is three months younger than Sydney so they'll be going off to school together in just a few years! We always chat with them when we're outside, but now that the kids are older hopefully they'll be playing together outside more often. We have such great neighbors, we have decided we can never move because we like our neighbors so much. Either that or we all have to move to the same neighborhood. When the paramedics arrived the other day, several neighbors came down to see what they could do to help. I really appreciated that.

Here are pics from the park
Feeding the ducks
The girls, who wouldn't look at me because they were watching the ducks
Cole and Samantha climbing the steps

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mam-O said...

Sydney, You look like you are well and strong! You are quite the dancer too! It is so fun to see how you spend your day with your friends and family! Love you, Mam-O