Friday, April 4, 2008

Sydney update

Everyone is sleep-deprived at our house today. We didn't sleep a lot last night and the nap was short today.

I woke up at 4am and could feel that Sydney was very warm. I took her temperature and it was 102.5. I woke Anthony up and he gave her a lukewarm bath. Then at 5am she was wide awake so Syd and I went downstairs and watched some tv, ate cheese and crackers, two popsicles and juice. This brought her temperature down quite a bit, and at 6:30am she was at 99.5. We went back to sleep and a few hours later she felt warm again and she was back up to 102. This whole time we were alternating between Tylenol and Motrin every three hours.

I called the doctor's office early in the afternoon to see if we should bring her in. The nurse thought it was a good idea to bring her in since her fever was higher today than yesterday at the ER. We made an appointment for late afternoon. At the doctor's office the nurse said her temp was 97.3. We were kind of surprised it was so low because she felt cooler, but not that low. (I swear those ear thermometers are not that accurate, I should have asked the doctor to check the temp himself.) Anyway the doctor didn't tell us anything we didn't already know but we were glad we took her anyway. We had dinner and took Sydney to Cold Stone for a special treat. When we arrived back home she was starting to feel warm again, although it's only the top half of her body, the bottom half is pretty cold. I took her temp and she is 101.5. She's cuddled up with daddy right now and she's looking pretty sleepy so I think it's just about night night time. So that's about it here. It's frustrating to have her temp rise and fall so often. Especially because with febrile seizures it's due to a rapid rise in temperature, not the temperature itself.

That's about it for now.

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Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Stace. What a crazy week with her temp! I hope that her temp stays low and keeps those scary seizures away. I can't imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am thinking about you guys. Love you, Niki