Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We've gone organic!

And I am trading my SUV in for a Prius.
So lately I have been thinking more about choosing organic produce. It's healthier for our family and organic produce tastes better, we can definitely notice a difference.

I was reading an article about organic produce delivery and I thought, "What a great idea." We already have our milk delivered and we love it. We never run out of milk and the milk tastes better than store milk. And it's hormone free, perfect for Sydney.
We certainly do not eat enough veggies at our house and I really want to start feeding my family healthier food. What better way to try new veggies, and since I will not allow the veggies to go bad and I HATE throwing produce away, then I will cook with them and I will love it. ;)

I will say we eat quite a bit of fruit at our house, but I am always up for trying new fruit. I remembered hearing my high school friend Brandi's husband had started an organic produce delivery service in our area called Edens Organics and I checked it out. I liked the foods on the weekly list, although I did substitute some onions for more potatoes. The cost is $35 per delivery, but after pricing the food at the grocery store, it's about the same price as going to my fave store for produce, Central Market. Actually it'd be more expensive at Central Market because then I would realize we'd need Cheerios, crackers, cheese, etc and well, they are about as pricey as Whole Foods. (I prefer to buy the staples at Albertsons.)

Anyway, we had our first delivery last week and it's great! The fruit tastes terrific. The oranges were gone the next day, and the apples and mangoes are awesome. The veggies are great also, although we haven't made it through all of them yet. I will say the strawberries weren't the greatest, I realize it's not strawberry season yet so hopefully they will be better next time. All in all we are very pleased with this service and we will get our produce delivery every other week.

Here's a sample list of the items delivered each week taken from their website:

Donut Peaches
Red Plums
Green leaf lettuce
Green Beans

Oh yes-one more thing I like. They buy most of their produce from local growers, and they include recipes for the ingredients. We had a terrific salad recipe that included the lettuce, strawberries and mangos. Yummy.


Wehunthouse said...

Good for you!! One way to incorporate veggies is to do the Jessica Seinfeld thing and puree the veggies and put in in the stuff you already eat. Also I hear the green bags (I saw them on TV, but you can also get them at Linens and Things) will increase the life of the stuff you aren't eating as often. :-)

FlyingCats said...

I need to eat more veggies. And fruit too. I like the puree idea. I've got a soup bible and many of the rec'ps have a veggie puree in them. I think I'll start making more. And I'm noticing fruit soups too. You're so funny about the yuppee organic delivery thing. You've so joined a cult. ha ha ha

Stacy O said...

I'm not really a big puree'er, but I do sneak veggies into spaghetti sauce and casseroles. I am focusing more on not being sneaky all the time and for Sydney just to think it's normal to always eat veggies at each meal, ya know? But yes, I will probably still sneak them at times too. ;)

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

What a fabulous idea!!! And don't you know the incorporation of more veggies will help Syd stay sick-free, hopefully! That price isn't bad either! Shoot! I'd pay double that just to avoid the lines at the grocery store and the inconsiderate shoppers!