Tuesday, April 22, 2008

California pictures

We had such a fun time in California! Here are our pictures from our trip...

Mam-o bought this really neat little patio set for Sydney-she loved it! She sat here each day and had tea parties with her bears.
Chatting on the phone while having a tea party with Mam-o
Mam-o and her special little girl
More swimming
Silly uncle Andrew
Sydney loved drinking the water...
So excited to swim!
My husband thinks he is still 15-here he is doing a back flip.
That was fun!
Sydney loved her boat!
Pretty girl with pretty flowers
We made a trip to Joann Fabrics so Mam-o could make Sydney a ribbon wand like she has in dance class. Sydney loved these barrettes
The girls at the office suggested we visit Fairytale Town. We had a lot of fun! Everything was taken from the nursery rhymes-Humpty Dumpty, The old lady in the shoe, and the Cheese that stands alone.We nicknamed this place, "Slide park." It was pretty much slides everywhere which was great for Sydney, she loves her slides! The great thing is this place was built years ago so all the slides were the fast metal slides.
The turtle!
Mam-o, Pop-o, Sydney and Anthony
Another slide!
The fam in front of the teepee
The fam inside the teepee
Pretty Mam-o
The grandparents trying to be serious
Anthony and I

Sydney and I Mam-o is looking at getting a new car so we went with them to look for cars. We walked over to the Mini Cooper dealership and Sydney fell in love with this Mini pedal car. Our girl is such a car girl. We were out ALL day, and she was starting to fade. As soon as we pulled into the Audi dealership she perked up and was so excited to see the cars.
And it's just not a vacation without Anthony getting paged to go into work. We stopped by his work on the way home from the airport. Sydney loves drawing on his white board.
My future business leader...typing and talking on the phone at the same time. Nice multi-tasking.
What a fun long weekend we had! Thanks Mam-o and Pop-o for spoiling us!

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Jessica Zevely said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love all the pictures!