Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daddy Daughter Day and we have a new puppy!

Today was daddy-daughter day and everyone was looking forward to it. Sydney and Anthony love their time together, and mommy appreciates a little time to herself. :)

Anthony and Sydney playing and planning their daddy daughter day last night:

Daddy and daughter went to the outdoor show, to lunch and to their fave store, Joes. Sydney talks about the "dune buggy" at Joes all the time, she loves sitting in it and "driving" it.

They found our new puppy at the outdoor show-an absolute perfect dog. He sleeps the whole time, even breathes and snores. He's pretty cute and doesn't need any care. My kind of pet! His name is White Puppy. Check him out!

Sydney took this picture! (She loves using my camera)
Sydney loves to watch her puppy sleep. She asked me when he will wake up. Uhh...he just sleeps.

After daddy daughter day, Anthony and Sydney took me to Burgermaster, mmmm. It was such a beautiful day that all the cool classic cars were out in full force. They all come to the BM to show off their cars and especially their engines. It's fun checking them out. At 7:30 it was still 74 degrees out so we stopped off at the park to play. Ahh, I am sooo excited for the warm weather. It's about time!


April said...

Congrats on the new puppy! That's exciting.

Sydney looks so much like Anthony!

FlyingCats said...

It was 90 here yesterday, and 80 in the house. We bought a portable air conditioner and it is right next to my bed. Love. It.

I love the puppy!!!!! Perfect pet. No litter box, doesn't need to go out, won't wake you up in the middle of the night, won't chew anything.

Wehunthouse said...

Umm we had snow yesterday. Not really, more like freezing rain but still it was cold. It's supposed to hit 70 on Wednesday. I can't wait. The puppy is too cute, I was trying to figure out when you became a dog person. Then I realized it wasn't real. I am wicked smart. :)

Georgia said...

omg, i looked at this yesterday and thought that puppy was real..i just re-read it more carefully and realized its not..! lol...i guess im NOT the sharpest tool in the shed like i though :)

JessicaT said...

OMG What an adorable little puppy that does nothing! I love it. Aidan sits at the backdoor and yells puppy all day long so his great gamma is sending him a robot dog. How come that still sounds like work to me? LOL