Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back to the ER

Sydney had another febrile seizure this afternoon. Completely unexpected again. We had a fun day that culminated by going to the park. She was acting normal and didn't feel warm, in fact she hasn't had a temperature since Monday. She took a nap and I heard her wake up on the baby monitor. When I walked into her room she was in a full seizure in her crib. Anthony worked from home today so I yelled down to him. He came upstairs and called 911. I placed Sydney on her side and took off her clothes.

We took the ambulance to the hospital where we spent about 4 hours. The doctor decided to do a blood test, and so far the blood counts are all normal. We are just waiting for one more test result tomorrow. They also hooked her up to an IV to give her fluids, and gave her an antibiotic in case her viral infection is also a bacterial infection. (the blood test will tell us that.) They were a bit more thorough since this was her second seizure in five days.

It appears everything is normal, once you have one seizure you have a 50% chance of having another. It appears her viral infection she had earlier this week just hadn't gone away like we thought. Last week Cole had a fever that went away and came back again too, so it looks like they had the same thing.

So yeah, that's where we're at now. Because it's a fever induced seizure it still doesn't affect her neurologically, and there's no reason to believe there is anything seriously wrong. This is just what happens with these types of seizures.

Right now at 11:30pm she is doing great. She just finished eating chicken and french fries, and is playing with daddy.


Tunky said...

OMG-well, thank goodness she is OK now. We all need to take a moment and be thankful for our health. Love ya-Auntie Leiann

April said...

OH NO, Stacy. I am so sorry it happened again. Poor Syd. I hope this is the last of them and that she is fine. That must be so scary.

FlyingCats said...

Meanwhile, suburban housewife, mother 1 one fab 2 year old, gets treated for cardiac arrest 2x in one week. At least, that's what the headline would say about me. I'm not sure I have the cajones for this...but no backing out now!!!!! (Not that I want