Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sydney's posse

Today was a school day, and Sydney's been bouncing off the walls over it since yesterday. Today in class Cole began running around the room pushing the grocery cart. Sydney assumed it was an invitation to chase him so she began to run around after him. Samantha noticed what was happening and since this is a normal playdate activity, she jumped in and ran around also. The teacher commented she should probably stop it but it was so cute she'd let it go.
Lisa asked us later, "Are our kids social with just each other or do you notice them playing with other kids?" That's when I realized-nope. Sydney plays by herself or with Cole and/or Samantha. I don't think she even realizes there are other kids there half the time. Hmm, very interesting.
Here are the girls after class today-holding hands and hopping around:

We went to Red Robin to celebrate Kristin's 37th birthday-okay fine, she's 27. Just for one day I wanted to be younger than her, darnit! Anyway, here are our noticeably older kids posing for pics. Don't they look way older?? Wow.

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