Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2

Sydney did a great job today on her potty.

She woke up this morning dry, which is pretty much the norm. I kept saying the usual, "Let me know if you need to sit on the potty." A little while later she ran off to find a book to read and came back saying, "I leaked mommy, I leaked!" I ran her to the toilet and she pottied in the potty. She started going in her underwear but caught herself after a couple drops, which is great! I am so happy she recognized it and held it until she could make it to the potty.

We went to soccer and she did well-until we went to the park afterwards. I kept saying we would go right home after soccer but Ivy, Cordelia and Kaden were all at the park, so we had to go. I mean come on, they're our buds! Thirty minutes into it Sydney runs up to me and says, "I went potty." So we went to the car, cleaned up and headed home. I completely blame myself for that one because it's day 2 and really-we should be hanging out at home for the whole three days like the plan suggests.

The rest of the day she told me she had to go potty and went, it was great! At one point I was on the phone with Kristin and probably not paying enough attention and she told me, "I went potty mommy." I started looking at the couch, where she was sitting and nothing. She told me again, "I went potty mommy!" I looked in the potty and sure enough, she had gone all by herself without even telling me. (I was up in the kitchen.) Which really, we have been working on this because she knows what to do and knows how to work the undies. The plan states to always tell mommy, but I add the, "Or you can just go by yourself since you know how." So yahhh Sydney! Tomorrow we plan on hanging out at home and swimming in her pool. Tomorrow evening is the end of day 3 and that is when she gets her big reward-what she wants more than anything right now-her Dora backpack, but only if it has Boots on it, according to Sydney.

So everything is going great at home. Going out makes me nervous because although she does well in our car potty, the store is a whole different ball game. That's the next step.


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

OH WOW! Way to go Sydney! That's so awesome! It looks like she's getting it! You might just talk me into buying that program after all!!!!

As for Disney, this will be Hayden's 3rd trip...LOL! Actually 4 if you count the trip we took when I was preggo with him. We went last year for his second birthday. Every year it gets more and more fun!

Thinking of you guys today as you finish day 3! Can't wait to see how that goes!

Tunky said...

Great job Sydney! And great job Mommy! You might talk me into buying this program too!

FlyingCats said...

What a big girl! Way to go Sydney!!!!

Funny -- my 'word verification' to post today is 'icdryop' -- thought the DRY part was funny and appropriate!

Mommyjacks01 said...

Congrats!! You are having really good luck with the potty training. She is doing great! We are busy getting back into the whole fall routine. Josh started school and soccer yesterday. He seems to be liking both. Talk to you soon.