Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Done and done.

Today was the final day of the three day potty training program and it went well. No accidents and we even braved a trip to Toys R Us to pick up Sydney's potty present-her Dora the Explorer backpack. Oh how she loves the thing! She pottied many times today and even while swimming in the pool she announced, "I have to go potty" and ran inside and did her business....twice. She hammed up the potty thing for Auntie Leiann while she was here-I swear she made a production of her potty way bigger than it was, it was hilarious. Apparently she loves an audience when she does her business.

So I feel pretty confident in the potty thing-at home where it's comfortable. I have to say going out and going to other people's homes still makes me a bit nervous. I know she can do it here, but oh boy-being out and about and being busy is a whole new ball of wax. Now that will be an experiment this weekend.

I am so proud of my big girl! I can't believe we are completely done with diapers!! How I loved walking by the diaper aisle in the store today and heading straight to the undergarment department and grabbing some Dora and Cinderella underwear. :) Good job Sydney! And in four months we'll be doing diapers again, wahoo!

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said... may be doing diapers again in 4 months...but trust me when I say...there is a WORLD of difference in one being in diapers versus TWO being in diapers! Grrrr! If we weren't doing cloth half the time, I can only imagine the strain that would place on our pocket strings!!!

WAY TO GO SYDNEY!!!! What a big girl!