Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today was another fun day at soccer. Sydney and Kaden have been learning some mad soccer skillz, and it's only a matter of a few years before these kiddos are soccer stars. Yup, they're just that good!
Of course they play even better when they are sporting super cute soccer outfits. Leiann got the ball rolling when she bought the kids matching Gymboree soccer shirts and well, I couldn't let the kids down by not bringing in the big guns-Adidas soccer outfits. And purchased on clearance, bonus. BTW-does anyone else make each kid's activity a fashion event or is that just me? Mmm, okay...it might just be me.

Anyway, here is Sydney modeling her new outfit-

Making zoo animal sounds while dribbling the ball

I love it when the kids sit on their soccer balls-so cute Sydney making her goal
Kaden making his goal Watch out Pele and David Beckham


April said...

Ok, seriously, that has GOT TO BE the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen! That outfit kills me. She is too stinkin' cute!

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Oh wow...I thought Syd was the cutest ever until I saw this and realized that it actually is possible for her to be even cuter.

Jessica Zevely said...

Soooo cute!!