Monday, August 11, 2008

P Day

Short for Pee Day.

Today we are starting the 3 day potty training program, recommended by my friend April who successfully potty trained her son in three days.

Sydney has a cold with a runny nose and yucky cough so I figure since we probably shouldn't be around other kids anyway, why not start this program today through Wednesday? At one point Lisa, Kristin and I thought we could do this program together, making it a potty party. Unfortunately the potty queen discourages this and we are going to try to follow this program pretty closely.

Three hours into it and Sydney has pottied on the potty twice and even pooped! The poop is pretty much a miracle. She had pooped a couple times before but it pretty much involved me holding her down on the toilet because she wanted to stand up-there were even tears. And it was many months ago. The first potty she told me she needed to potty and she immediately ran over and pottied. The second time she did the "I have to go potty right now look" which quite honestly, I have never seen before. I told her to run to her potty, she did her business and that was it. So far so good! Although we have been here before so I am trying not to get too excited. Part of me though is like, "Why didn't we do this months ago?" I mean really, she's been pottying on the potty for a year now. She's been ready but apparently I wasnt. I haven't been consistent and didn't follow through. I let her call the shots on it and if she had a few accidents in her underwear, I declared she wasn't ready and we put the diapers back on. Oh well, the first kid is all an experiment right? haha. Just kidding Syd.

I have to admit there are two things that I am not following correctly on this plan though. The potty lady recommends only letting the kids potty in the bathroom since that is where they should be going anyway, and not putting the potty in the bedroom or family room. Totally makes sense to me but well, ours is in the family room on a big mat. We will move it to the bathroom later, for now we are just trying to get to the potty in time and don't need any more obstacles. This is definitely helping with her confidence too.
Secondly, she recommends waking up the "older kids" aka over 2 1/2 an hour before they wake up to sit them on the potty, along with waking them an hour after they go to sleep. Uhh, you're kidding me. First of all, Sydney doesn't do well when she's woken up. Secondly, waking a child up an hour before they need to? What? Like they will go back to sleep or something. No thanks. I'll take my chances on this one. Everything else is great and I like her style. Plus when you pay the $24 for the ebook, you also get mentoring along the way, as in you can email her if you have questions. Nice.

I'll keep you posted!


FlyingCats said...

Interesting post! I'm wanting to hear how well this goes...I'll be taking notes!

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Definitely keep us posted!!! I've heard about the 3 day program, but wasn't sure of the success. We too have been through holding Hayden down to make him go on the potty which wasn't any fun for anyone!!!

April said...

Hey Stacy! Glad you hear you are doing the 3 day potty training. It has worked great with Gibson. We have had a few accidents at night, but that is because I don't do the waking up thing either. We have had ONE accident in public because Gibson has a bit of phobia about public toilets (who doesn't?) but I think we might be over that now...anyway, keep it up, you will be so glad by the end of day three!