Saturday, August 2, 2008

My high school girls

Today we met up with my high school friends and their families for a bbq at Megan's house. Anne is in town from Mississippi and the last time we all got together was three years ago...when I was pregnant with Sydney! The five of us were great friends in high school, and it's fun to get together and catch up, especially now that we all have kids.
Sydney loved hanging out with all the kids. She kept telling me, "I having fun playing with my cousins." Yup, when you have no cousins you are happy to accept anyone and everyone as your cousin.
Here are some pics...

The group-Megan, Anne, me, Carli and Brandi

Six of our nine total kids-Joshua, Cameron, Eden, Sydney, Gracie and Ellie
Cupcakes were the only way to get the kids to stay put in one area for more than 10 seconds
Sydney and Ellie
Sydney having a great time playing in the sandbox
The girls
Eden and Brandi

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