Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last day of soccer and the British cousin invasion!

Today was Sydney's last day of soccer. I was so excited when soccer began-it was such a fun new experience, but I will admit by the end, I was so done. We pretty much did the exact same thing every week-kick the soccer balls to different colored flags. Then we made games out of it, kick it to the flag and grab a cone which was pretend candy, ice cream, a fire truck, etc. I realize these kids are 2-3 1/2 so they aren't ready to play full on soccer yet, but it did get a tad boring. Next year will be better since shin guards are required for the 3 1/2 and up class-the kids start really playing soccer!!

Sydney proudly showing off her certificate:

My cousin Kim and her family are out visiting from England so we headed up to La Conner afterwards to my aunt Char's house to visit. We started out with lunch, then headed over to the bowling alley in Anacortes for a fun game. Sadly, the kids did better than us. Paige won with a score of 98. I'd like to say it was the bumpers but I don't know, I think we were just that bad.

Sydney and her new bff-these girls were attached at the hip

Actually they were attached at the hands, Paige held Sydney's hand everywhere, it was so cute.
Paul and five year old William
Nearly 4 year old Paige and Kim

The girls We went to a couple parks after our bowling excursion. The first park was a Memorial park and although it didn't have any toys, the kids still had a great time.

This is what happens when you are English-you teach your kids to play soccer, err football before they can walk and you take the football with you everywhere-there's always time to kick the ball around.

More of the girls, I just can't get over how cute they are
This park might just be the coolest park ever! It's the John Storvik park in Anacortes and it was so much fun! I should have taken a picture of the actual park, it was huge. Highly recommend it before those long ferry trips to the San Juan islands.

Here are the girls on the big swings

These swings were perfect for everyone!
This thing was like a trampoline, so much fun! Slide time
My fave picture of the girls
Paige was determined to show Sydney how to ride her bike, the problem is Sydney couldn't reach the pedals very well so it didn't work
Will and Syd

The Jordan family

We had so much fun with these guys! Their once a year visits don't come around often enough, and I expected we'd be visiting for a couple hours when we actually stayed for about six. We were having a blast and Paige and Sydney bonded. She absolutely adores her cousins. Sydney loves older kids and Paige loved having a younger "sister" instead of being the younger sister. They had a fab time.

The British accent on kids kills me-I love it. Nothing better than a cute British kid with an accent. Unfortunately I have this bad habit of breaking out my British accent when I am around Brits for a longer period of time. I don't even mean to and I don't even realize what I am doing. I always feel bad in case I am offending anyone, but it was just something my roommates and I used to do when we lived in London and it's a habit. Sydney thinks it's funny and talked about her cousin's "ass-ents" on the way home. We had such a fun time with the cousins and I can't wait to see them next year! One of these days we just need to head over to London to visit.

A couple of videos-

Check out Paige, she was always holding Sydney's hand or had her arm around her or something. She was so cute with Sydney.

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And a video of the kids at the park jumping. Like how Sydney jumps, but then falls because she thinks it's fun? Nice. Check out Paige's pants too-she has a tiny waist like Sydney! Her pants were hanging off her. These girls are definitely related.

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And just a comparison from August 2007 and August 2008 of the girls...

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

OMG! I want to squeeze that little boy! LOVE that curly blond hair! What a heartbreaker! You guys look like you had such a good time! I'm so jealous! The parks in your area are so fab!