Thursday, August 14, 2008

Race fans...start your engines!

This weekend we went to the motorcycle races. Anthony and I used to go quite often b.s. (before Sydney) but we haven't been in a while and decided she is finally old enough to enjoy it. Of course Anthony spends half the time dreaming of how much he would love to be out there racing. I think it's something he kicked around for a while but I have to say-as cool as it would be to have him out there, I'd be a nervous wreck! There is a crash every day it seems. Lucky for me he realizes it's just a dream. He has taken his motorcycle and old Audi on the track for track days in the past, so those are the memories he will have to hold onto instead. ;)
Sydney on the other hand has decided she wants to race motorcycles one day-a red one. Thank goodness she is only two and thinks everything is super cool right now.

We were able to cheer on an old friend from WaMu, Steve. He is racing again so it was nice knowing someone out there. He kept saying beforehand, "Look in the back, I'm always near the end." He actually had about ten people behind him so we thought he did well!

Here's pictures from our day...

Watching the motorcycles-it's nice because you can walk around the whole track and watch.
Sydney did well with her earplugs
Watching from the stands
That's Steve in the middle
In front of Steve's bike-somehow I never took a picture of him, oops
I swear we have a million of these shots!
Daddy's little race fan
The track even had a playground!

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Wehunthouse said...

that's cool that you saw Balch, I found him on facebook (thanks to you, man I would be lost without you to guide me through life). I used to go to car races and they were fun (when I wasn't working) but I was never smart enough to wear ear protection and now I am deaf(maybe its my advanced age) so good for you and Anthony for getting Syd used to earplugs. Now I have to find an event for Maddy to wear them to since I am copying everything you do. :o)