Monday, August 4, 2008

My little shopper

Today Sydney and I hit the mall. I had a gymboree coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I felt the need to buy baby boy O a cute outfit.

Sydney and I went to REI first. We checked out a cute little bike with training wheels, but my poor kiddo is still a little too short so maybe in a few more months. We headed upstairs to check out some shoes and Sydney spotted a cute pair of pink Teva flip flops. Oh my goodness, I've created a nightmare. This was her reaction. "Mommy, I LOOVEE these shoes. They so cute! I really like them mommy. Try them on?" Now, my child had a pair of flip flops a year ago and they hurt her feet so badly that they turned her toes bright red. But they were on sale for ten bucks (and we had our REI dividend check for $3 so what the heck.) Anyway, Sydney fell in love. She told me they were sooo comfortable, and they were great! She walks a little funny in them actually, we're still working on them, but yes we did buy them. She wanted to wear them for her nap, and wore them all day and night tonight. I have never seen her fall in love with shoes like this before. They are pink with flowers and you can't go wrong with that combination for Sydney. Oh lord, what is she going to be like in 5 years? She is my fashion diva already.

Next we headed over to Gymboree. I will admit-I absolutely LOVE boy clothes. Maybe it's because we've been doing girl clothes for 3 years now, or maybe it's because we've already purchased every cute girl outfit out there, but girl clothes haven't been as cute lately. My coupon was for 20% off, and we found a cute dump truck outfit perfect for baby boy. Sydney sat down next to two other kids and watched a movie while I shopped. This is the conversation I overheard between Sydney and the two kids, "Look at my new shoes. Mommy bought them for me. They pink. I love these shoes." I laughed so hard. First of all, my child very rarely ever talks in public. I know, every parent's dream right? She is usually pretty shy. Of course as soon as we get in the car it's non stop chatterbox. Anyway, I thought it was the cutest thing ever. She loves her new shoes so much that she actually talked to other kids.

We left Gymboree with only the one outfit because-listen up Gymboree, your girl clothes aren't so cute. Okay, so one or two brand new full priced outfits were kind of cute. The rest of the stuff on sale was either all summer stuff and granted, some of it was super cute but no thanks, summer is almost over. Or the stuff had whales, mice, flamingos or apples. Uhh-my child is almost three years old, not three months. It's just not my style and I prefer the Gap/Old Navy line instead. I like to dress her like a child, not a baby. I was pretty sad not to be able to use the coupon for a cute outfit for Sydney. Oh well, back to the Gap.

Here are two pictures of Sydney tonight at our neighborhood teriyaki joint, wearing her new shoes of course. Sydney just loves chicken teriyaki and rice.


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Uh oh! I think you have a bonafide shopper on your hands!!! That's so cute! As for boy's clothes....I'll go ahead and warn you now....the endless array of dumptrucks, tractors, bugs, and sailboats will make you want to scream after a while. But it's probably a good thing....boys need clothes that are suitable for dirtying...because it's only a matter of seconds before they find a way to put dirt on them!

Stacy O said...

Haha, okay you are totally can only do so much cars and trucks and stuff, I have noticed this theme HEAVILY among the boy clothes. For now it's exciting, I'll get back to you in three years....