Sunday, August 3, 2008

Perfect day for a boat ride

Today Trevor took us all out on his boat on Lake Sammamish. Sydney hasn't been on the boat since she was 9 months old and she did great. She loved it! She even happily wore her life jacket, and at 9 months she HATED the thing. The weather was perfect-it was 75-80 degrees and Trevor and Michelle even got some good wakeboarding in.

Here are some pictures from our first (and probably last) boat trip of the summer...

Backing the boat into the water Daddy and Sydney
And Daddy, Sydney and uncle Trevor after. Sydney's hat blew off into the water and oh boy, thank goodness we were able to retrieve it. She was NOT happy. She held onto it pretty much the whole rest of the time
Trevor driving his boat-we tooled around and checked out all the beautiful houses. I decided I am going to go door to door to these 3 million dollar plus homes to find out what these people do and what education they took to get there so Sydney can follow in their footsteps. Our guess was many of these people were Microsoft execs.
Trevor let my dad drive his boat-he rarely lets anyone drive it but someone had to drive it while he wakeboarded!
Bro and Sis
Papa showing Sydney how to drive the boat.
Trevor wakeboarding
That was a fun ride!
Trevor's baby-I call this Sydney's real cousin since my bro is not into the kid thing. This is his kid.
Sydney can't wait to go out again

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

AH! I love wakeboarding! How much fun did you guys have!