Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas at our place

Today we hosted Christmas at our house for my mom's side of the family. We had my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and my dad and Kay over. (My bro Trevor is in Maui, lucky!) I always enjoy hosting gatherings at our house. Yes it's always a lot of work but our house works out pretty well for get togethers and it's so much easier when you have a toddler. Sydney's also a bit shy with large groups of people at first and it takes a while for her to warm up. She definitely does better at our own house. She was napping when everyone arrived and was shy for a bit but opened up pretty quickly and she had a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures from our day

Sydney and Nana right after Syd's nap

Papa, Sydney and Nana

My grandma Jean and aunt Char

My aunt Cheryl, uncle Walt, aunt Char and grandma

My cousin Kristy and uncle Tim

my cousin Molly and uncle Craig

Me and the hub

All smiles with Nana

My aunt Char's grandkids live in London so she doesn't get to see them as often as she'd like.
She got her kid fix tonight with Syd!

Syd loves sliding off her chair and rolling off. Here she is with Char and my cousin Mical.

Chit chatting in the living room

Hanging out and playing XBox

Cousin Kris telling a story of the big one that got away...k, not really.

Molly, my dad and Cheryl

We do a white elephant game each year. Everyone was pretty well behaved this year and only a few items were stolen from each other.

This was one of the most popular items. It's this head contraption that helps with headaches and growing back hair. Since most the men here (okay, all but my dad) are follicly challenged-well, it passed hands several times.

Sydney had fun with my uncle Walt and of course Papa. My uncle Walt was always the coolest when we were kids. He would spend the whole Christmas celebration "flipping" us kids. Really he's just a big kid himself. Here is Sydney getting ready for another tickle fest from Walt.

Sydney and my uncle Tim bonded a bit in Chelan, but really bonded this evening. She wouldn't leave his side and I think he just enjoyed being playing with a little girl again since his "little girl" is now 14. (Molly) They were counting in English and Spanish, he was helping her with the alphabet and coloring.

Tim and his little girl

Building houses together

Sydney did some major cuddling with Tim.

Tim even braided Syd's hair! We have hired him as our new manny. (Male nanny.) Unfortunately we are only able to pay him in wine and cupcakes so it might be pretty short lived. He does have a family to support and all.

What a fun night! I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful family, both mine and Anthony's.

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