Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We've had our tree for almost a week now so we finally decided to decorate it. When we went to the tree lot we decided we would do a tall and skinny tree since we don't have a lot of room in our living room. Just a little fyi-Christmas trees look WAY smaller on the lot than they look in your room. Anyway, the tree is beautiful and maybe next year we'll really get a smaller tree. Maybe.

Sydney enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree. She was in charge of the non breakable ornaments for the lower part of the tree. She put some on all by herself and also showed Anthony where she wanted the ornaments so he could hang some up. We do an ornament every year-starting back to 2001 when Anthony and I first started dating. Some have some significance, and some don't at all. We bought our first ornament in Friday Harbor when we celebrated Anthony's birthday. Another significant ornament is the Just Married couple in a car that says, "Sausalito 2004." (Where we got married.) That's about it for the memorable ones. The rest are ones that maybe we picked out together or maybe I grabbed on clearance the week after Christmas when I realized we hadn't purchased the ornament for the year. I really don't remember which is which anymore, ha. This year we did buy two-Sydney picked out an ornament with Elmo snow skiing, and I picked out an ornament with ballet slippers on it that says "Sydney 2007" so we'll remember when she started dancing.

Here are some pictures of our evening.

I'm copying Leiann here and trying to be artsy

I'm not sure where this came from...

Decorating the tree

This picture is funny-Anthony is busy decorating the tree while Syd is walking the ledge-oh boy

Somehow I set my camera to a weird setting but I like how this turned out

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OH my....this is too are so good at this thing Stace! Love ya!