Monday, December 10, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Yesterday we celebrated Anthony's birthday at Cafe Veloce in Kirkland. If you like Italian food and motorcycles then this is the place to go.

Anthony and Sydney at dinner (perfect shirt huh?)

Checking out the motorcycles

One of Sydney's favorite things is her playhouse set. She received this from my Aunt Char and Uncle Craig and she loves it. "House, tunnel?" is commonly brought up several times a week. Apparently it's not just a great thing for a two year old as Cameron loves it too. They each have their own "house" and a playroom.

Sydney reading Dora in her "house"

Niki came over tonight and I don't know what it is about this girl but cats and kids love her. Our old cat Nelli LOVED her, and she didn't like many people, including us half the time. Sydney has also always loved her too. At one point tonight Sydney walked up to Niki who was sitting on the couch and held her hand for ten minutes. Later while saying goodbye, Sydney gave Niki a big hug and just kept hugging her. It was really cute. I have to say Niki is just a wonderful person and it's amazing the kids and pets catch on to this so quickly.

The long hug with Auntie Iki (Syd leaves off the N)

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