Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wow, three posts in one day!

We did a little shopping today. We started at Lowes, one of Syd's favorite stores. She loves the tractors (lawn mowers) and it seems like they always have something fun. We found this playhouse and she loved it. I am pretty sure this is going on the top of her Christmas list when we see Santa this week.

Then we stopped off at Burgermaster for dinner, yummy. Sydney thought it was so fun to sit up front in the car with us.
Here she is with daddy

Syd's newest thing is crossing her legs, it's pretty funny. She thinks she is so grown up!

We headed to Bell Square and unfortunately the store we wanted to go to was closed already...hello it's Christmas people, let's stay open past six on a Sunday, thanks.
Anyway, we found a very beautiful and fun store called JZ Rose, and had a great time checking out all the cars. If you have a spare couple grand burning a hole in your pocket then I highly recommend checking this place out. It's a bit on the pricey side, but fun to browse. There were about two items under $15 in the whole store, and lucky Sydney walked out with one of them- the cute frog she's holding in the piano picture.

Syd and Anthony in front of the Christmas tree and $800 Snowman

All this shopping wears a girl out!


Anonymous said...

Um.....the leg crossing one is way too cute :)

April said...

Oh my! That picture of her crossing her legs is soooo adorable!