Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Anthony, Angie and Gracie!

Three really great people are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy Birthday to Anthony, Angie and Gracie!

Happy Birthday to my hubby Anthony! He woke up to snow, which is pretty much the best gift you could ever give the man. I'm pretty sure, "Wahooo!" was heard echoing around through our neighborhood. It's still snowing lightly, although it's nothing like the snow last weekend. It's fun and he's pretty excited.

Here are some pictures of my terrific husband and the best dad I could ever have imagined for my daughter.

Happy Birthday to my friend Angie, otherwise known as Cordelia and Ivy's mom! Angie is such a thoughtful friend, and one of the best mommies I have ever met.

Ten years ago I had so many pictures of my friends it was crazy. These days I might have one or two, but I always have a million of their kids. Anyway, here's the one picture I have of Angie-

And finally, Happy Birthday to Gracie who joins the 2 club today! Gracie is my childhood friend Carli's daughter. Gracie and Syd bonded instantly and now that Carli is back in our state hopefully we can see these girls more.

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