Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some pictures from this past week

Wanted to post some pictures this past week that I didn't get a chance to post until now.

My uncle Craig took this picture of Sydney the other night when they were here-love this picture

Sydney checking out daddy's new flashlight from Gram-O and Pop-O

Hanging out on her chair

Diaper girl hopping on her chair-she loves this thing. Wow, I didn't realize until I saw this picture how much she is looking like Anthony lately. She goes through phases looking like both Anthony and I, and even our parents. I love this.

Sydney spent some time with two of her favorite people, Jessica and Greg. She loves these two so much. I usually mention the night before to Sydney that she will see them the following day. The first thing she says when she wakes up is, "Caca, Geg?" She doesn't miss a beat.

Syd napping-I love the sleeping pictures.

Greg and Sydney

Sydney loved their tree

Hat girl-Syd loved Jessica's Santa hat

Jessica and Syd. Syd loves cuddling with her Caca


April said...

Sydney is such a little doll! I LOVE that first picture you posted of her. It's gorgeous!

Emily said...

Wow - that first picture you posted is incredible!! Sydney is such a cute little girl!!