Friday, December 7, 2007

I can't drive 55

We went to the Audi and BMW dealership today to ask a few questions about the Bimmer and schedule service appointments. Sydney LOVED looking at the cars in the showroom and sitting in the cars. She immediately climbed into both the passenger and driver seats, put on her seat belt, told us to close the doors and said she wanted to "ride." As we were walking away from the Audi S4 Sydney said, "Awesome."

Here are a few pictures of Sydney and the Audi

"Okay daddy, let's go!"

"I'm an Audi girl!"

Sydney in the driver's seat, shifting gears.

Sydney's actually in the driver's seat "driving" in this picture-you can't even see her head

"Can we take this home guys?"

Sydney asked me to take a picture of her with my purse. The girl loves cars and handbags. That's my girl.

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Jessica Zevely said...

I LOVE the one where you can't see her...that is SO CUTE! I miss you guys :)