Saturday, December 22, 2007

Papa and Gracie

Last night Sydney and I went on a mission to find a new Christmas book. We only have a couple Christmas books and she has been sooo excited about Santa lately that I knew we needed another one. Yes that's right, Sydney talks about Santa every day. She is scared to sit on his lap yet she loves him, go figure.

We knew we needed to call in the experts. My dad. When I was a kid my dad I went to the library quite often together, it was our thing. We were the readers of the family and read all the time. Unfortunately I don't read very often anymore but my dad is still an avid reader. I thought it'd be fun to have him come with us to pick out a book.

We picked out about six books and my dad read then all to Sydney. After he was done we had Sydney pick out her favorite, which was a Dora the Explorer lift the flap Christmas book-big shocker. The kid loves Dora. We had some good bonding time and we might have to make this a Christmas tradition.

Here are Papa and Sydney at B&N

Tonight Gracie, Carli and Summer came to visit! The girls were both so shy at first but definitely had fun playing. They enjoyed playing in the bus and coloring together. Gracie is such a smarty! Well, when your mom has her PhD and your dad a Master's degree, how can you NOT be a smarty??
We hit up the old BHS hangout, The Ranch, yummy. This is the first time we've seen them since they moved to Eastern WA from NY for Carli's new college Dean position. We definitely have to get the girls together more often! I hope the girls have a great friendship like Carli and I have-we became friends in 3rd grade and have been great friends ever since. Yikes, we are about to celebrate our 25th friendship anniversary....I feel so old!

Here are the girls coloring

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