Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Today Maddy joins the 2 club!

Happy Birthday to the comedian of the group. Maddy is going to be the kid in school that is surrounded by friends because she is always so much fun to be around. She has the best laugh and is quite the character.

Sadly Maddy and her parents will be moving to Chicago in a week. Her dad has been offered a really great job that he can't pass up. Maddy and Traci have become our very good friends and we will miss them very much.

Happy Birthday Maddy!

Maddy and Syd-August 2006

Maddy and Traci

The kid is strong!

I love this picture of Maddy. She is totally cracking up and I'm not even sure why. She's just a funny kid.

Just last week

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