Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maddy's birthday party

Yesterday Jessica took Sydney to Maddy's birthday party at Jump Planet! I food poisoned myself at our Christmas party on Sunday night so unfortunately I was too sick to attend. Yes I truly am the hostess with the mostess. Haha. Lucky for us Jessica was already planning on going to the party so she took Sydney-of course Sydney didn't mind!

Syd did great! She even went down the big slide all by herself! Samantha wasn't too sure about the place last time but she did really great yesterday too! Judging from the pictures it looks like everyone had a blast, including the birthday girl Maddy. This is definitely the way to go though-reserve the whole place so you have it all to yourself. Girls-we definitely need to do a playdate here one of these days.

Bouncing with Maddy

Sydney and Jess

Lisa and Samantha

Vids of the girls

Maddy and Syd



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