Monday, March 10, 2008

Cole, Samantha and baby Jacob!

Today Sydney and Samantha had ballet class just down the road from our house so we decided we needed to get the kiddos together after class. Sydney has been talking about Cole, Samantha and especially baby Jacob for the past week. She loves her buddies and was so excited to see them again!

The kids enjoyed lunch together and lots of fun playtime. They are so cute together and are still working on sharing. I believe the word, "Mine!" was said about 100 times today, probably about 85 of them coming from Sydney. I guess she likes her stuff and she's still not sure this sharing biz is all that it's cracked up to be. haha. The kids did well though and it's always fun to get them together. They are so funny and they communicate so well, whether they use words or not.
Cheese Cole!

Samantha and baby Jacob
Even at this age there is already separation of the sexes. Sydney and Samantha going off to do their own thing while Cole is content hanging out.

But they still enjoy playing together...
And here is Sydney and her favorite little man baby Jacob. She talks about him all the time, she just adores him. Today she enjoyed being next to him, she's such a little mommy.
Giving Jacob a kiss
Helping feed Jacob
Sydney and her favorite little man

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