Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg hunt!

Today we went to Cole's house for an Easter egg hunt! We decided it was just too crazy at the local city egg hunts and the kids would do better at one of our houses. I am so glad we did it, the kids had a blast and the husbands finally got to meet each other!

Hiding Easter eggs, nice girly buckets dads!

Tackle! This is the tail end of a tackle-aparently Sydney was almost to the egg and Cole spotted it and ran as fast as he could go, thus ending up in a big heap, haha. The kids thought it was funny. Silly kids.

Sydney was very pleased with her full basket

Just hanging out
Sydney making goo goo eyes at her main man Jakey
Checking out the haul
Samantha gave the kids all these cute bunnies, they loved them. Here they are giving them hugs.

Mommy and daughter, so cute!
The kids had fun dyeing the eggs, but were ready to go back and play asap.
Rocks rock!
Cool little man Jacob
Sydney getting in on the coolness with Dan's sunglasses
Samantha making sure Sydney isn't crossing any lines, haha. Samantha is very protective of her baby brother, it's so cute.

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Ha ha! I had to laugh because I knew who the Dad of the boy was before I even saw the picture of who had which Easter basket!!! LOL! What great pictures Stacy! You guys are so lucky to have so many friends with young ones to get together with! Too bad we don't live closer...I think Hayden and Syd would be a riot together!