Friday, March 28, 2008

It's snowing!

It's snowing in the 'burbs of Seattle. It's 36 degrees right now so it's not sticking but it's fun to look at nonetheless. Of course my big kid Anthony (hubby) keeps talking about how he wishes it was colder so it would stick. He loves the snow, especially doing donuts in his car in it. My little kid Sydney keeps talking about building a nowman with daddy. She was the one who told me earlier, "It nowing, it nowing!" She loves the now, I mean snow.

Here's a picture of the snow, although it really just looks like my picture has some white dots on it.
It's now an hour later and it's sticking! Check it out!
I know what we'll be doing when Sydney wakes up from her nap....


FlyingCats said...

Too bad it's not sticking! I'm jealous! Mild 68 degrees here today, but have all the windows open anyway. Go out and play!

Wehunthouse said...

UGGGGG I was just saying if I see anymore snow I just might throw up. I guess that's the difference between Chicago and Everett. We got about 1/2 to an inch yesterday but it's nearly all melted today and it looks like it just might stay above freezing until Sunday. **sigh**

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Oh wow! That's so pretty! But like you....I only want to *look* at it from the warm comfort of my home. Chad and Anthony can play in it all they want!!!