Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thanks Easter bunny, bawk bawk!

The Easter bunny came to the O house this morning! Sydney received a Disney Pooh bear laptop. She's actually been telling me she "needs own 'puter", silly girl. She was so excited to open up her own 'puter today from the Easter bunny! She also received some M&M's, her fave.

Then we headed over to Kaden's house to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday! Happy 2nd birthday Kaden! Here's Kaden on his special day, getting ready for his Easter birthday party. He was so hyped up already!

And here's Sydney and Kaden two years ago today, on Kaden's birth date!
Sydney's first chocolate bunny, no nap today so we needed to load up on the sugar instead!

Sydney kept telling me she ate bunny's ears and eyes.

Heading out to Nana and Papas!

The Easter bunny left Sydney more Easter presents at Nana and Papa's house
Mmm, chocolate
Another Easter Egg hunt!
Sydney showing Nana stretching techniques she learned at ballet
Nana and Sydney practicing Pilates
Sydney showing Nana how low she can go with her splits
All stretched out and ready for some bunny hops!
Break time! Mitch needed a walk, and so did Sydney

Playing with Papa
Walking on Papa's back, tada!
Nana's turn! Sydney loves walking up our legs and our backs, the kid has balance.
Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?

Anyone remember this commercial, circa 1984?

This was my favorite commercial as a kid. I love the phrase, "Thanks Easter bunny, bawk bawk!"
I taught Sydney the phrase this morning so she said it all day:

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

How much more adorable can you get! The pigtail braids just add even more to it! What a great Easter! Hayden sends Easter love!!!