Friday, March 21, 2008

Life is like a musical

Life becomes a musical when you have children.

It starts off when your baby is born. You sing to them about everything. You may not even be a great singer but all of a sudden you sing better than the lead singer of Hairspray, the musical. You sing to your little baby about how cute they are, about their bottle, about changing their diapers, about everything. You learn it soothes them and it makes them smile (or maybe even laugh!) Sometimes you even catch yourself singing while pushing your baby in the cart at the grocery store. Yup, you're that mom. Regular songs become made up songs because you know the tune but not the words.

Then your child enters toddlerhood and well, you've been singing for the past two years-why stop now? You sing to keep them busy in the car and you sing to praise them for doing something great. Your child has yet to figure out you sing about as well as Paris Hilton, they love it! They sing along, it's good stuff.

The big song at our house right now is, "Big girls don't cry." It started off when one day Sydney started crying in the car for no reason. I started singing the song and she stopped crying, in fact she even tried singing along. Now this song has taken on a whole new life of it's own. Here are some recent renditions of this song:

"Big girls, eat all their dinner, yes they do..."
"Big girls, pick up their toys, and put them away."

And the song we sang ALL day today is, "Big girls use the pa-a-ty, yes they do. Big girls, even poop in the potty." Sydney wore her pull ups all day today. The same pair. She pottied and even pooped on the potty all day long, she even sat on the potty at Nordstrom and Toys R Us. She didn't have one accident, woo hoo! She is so excited and proud of herself! So far this is her record, however I am being cautiously optimistic because well, this just seems too easy.

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

YAY for Sydney! That's awesome Stacy! I think it just proves that when they're ready, they'll just do it and not a moment sooner!!! And yes, life is like a musical when you have kids...and sometimes, more often than not, one of those hilarious episodes of Seinfield!