Saturday, March 1, 2008

Move over Starbucks!

When I first met Anthony seven years ago he roasted his own coffee. He bought green coffee beans and roasted them over a camp stove and contraption he made. He did this for quite a while actually, and over the past couple of years has just started buying regular coffee beans because it's just easier. Today he dusted off his contraption and made coffee. Sydney of course wanted to assist, so here she is assisting daddy.

Sydney of course enjoyed helping daddy, and even helped him brew his coffee later. In fact she pretty much does the whole coffee making process now, she's better at it than me!

Today is daddy daughter day so mommy can finish the laundry and get us all packed up for our big trip. I've done pretty well at packing us up all week but just have a few more things to include. I can't believe D day is tomorrow, yippee! Sydney is excited to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse and ride the "coffee cups" (teacups.) It's supposed to be low to mid 70's all week. Perfect. Okay, I need to get to work! We'll have a ton of pictures to post when we get back!


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

HILARIOUS! I'm so glad Hayden is the only coffee obsessed two year old out there! I usually only give him a tiny amount of my decaf...but it's so funny to hear him demand his COFFEE!!!

Emily said...

Too funny about Sydney and coffee!! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories from your visit with Mickey!! Have a great trip.

Mam-"O" said...

Yeah! Back to good coffee!