Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Sydney's up to

Our little girl turned 2 1/2 this past week, I can't believe it! Three is just around the corner, where has the time gone?

Sydney's favorite phrase right now is "I don't like it." She started this right before we headed down to Disneyland and I have to say it's not one of my favorites. Usually it's about eating food, or not eating food. She still adds "honey" to many phrases because that's what Anthony and I call each other. She also uses our names when trying to get our attention. If she has to say mommy more than twice than all of a sudden I hear, "Sacy! Sacy!" She talks better every week, it's really amazing how much difference a month makes in her speech.
A few weeks ago she started thanking us for things. She thanks me for her lunch, thanks me when I vacuumed and even thanked us for changing her diaper once. It's really cute and there is nothing cuter on a toddler than good manners.

She loves to pretend play with her dolls and stuffed animals. She always feeds them and takes them in her stroller for walks. She is so sweet to them, it's adorable. She has conversations with them too. She also "calls" the grandparents and Greg and Jessica often. Usually the conversation is, "Hi Papa. Yeah. Play. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Hahaha (big laugh.) Okay. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye. See you." It's so funny to listen to her.

And outside time is still her favorite. Even a walk up to the mailbox is the best. We try to get outside every chance we get. We definitely encourage it, we want her to be playing with the neighbor kids as she gets older and not sitting on the couch watching tv.

She still counts better in Spanish than English. She does 1-10 great in Spanish, in English its, "1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10." I think she is just going the efficiency route but whatever. She does really think 5 comes after 2 because she tells us she'll be 5 her next birthday.

She's doing really great with her alphabet. She recognizes and associates many of the letters with words. She knows S is for Sydney, D is for daddy, M for mommy, P for puppy, B for baby Jacob, etc. She will say, "M for mommy and moon!" We have a great Melissa and Doug ABC puzzle that has been a big help, and the Letter Factory dvd is awesome. Sydney loves her frog video and this has also helped her quite a bit with letters and sounds. Highly recommend these for anyone working with their toddlers on letters.

The potty training-ehh. It's hit or miss. Sometimes she does great with her big girl underwear, no accidents. The next day she'll have two accidents. I'm back to not pushing it. When she asks to sit on the potty we sit her on it, and she still sits on the potty before bath time. We'll get there. I think this summer will be when I really work on it if we haven't figured it out by then. We'll see, she's ready when she's ready and there's no use in stressing about it.

And yes my little diva still loves to pick out her clothes. I have to say daddy lets her pick out her clothes more often than I do. Hey, I like my kid to match! I usually let her pick out her pants and shoes and then I pick out a shirt to match. Daddy lets her have free reign and she picks out everything. It's pretty funny to see what she wears on daddy daughter day. Here is the latest daddy daughter day outfit:

Only a toddler can get away with this. Anthony told me later she received many compliments on her outfit. She does match pretty well though!


Tunky said...

Oh my gosh-LOVE that outfit!! I can't wait until I start getting to pick out my clothes. My Mommy is going to love that too! Wow-do you think you could tutor me on your alphabet expertise. I am not there yet and could use some help! Then maybe we could play ball afterwards! Love ya-Kaden

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Ha ha!!! Aren't they funny! But hey, don't Minnie ears go with EVERYTHING!!! =) Hayden is also doing the I don't like this or that bit and I have to agree that it's not my favorite. What ever happened to our agreeable (at least for part of the time) babies!