Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not so fun Sunday

Sydney had a febrile seizure today. Unfortunately I know what this is because she had her first one in January 2007. Basically it happens to kids ages 1-5 when they get a temperature that rises very quickly. They are small and their body can't handle a fast rising fever so the body goes into seizure mode, which in turn brings down the fever a bit.

Our day started off normal enough. Anthony was off doing his shooting competition and Sydney and I were hanging out and playing. We ate lunch, and she was acting 100% normal. She didn't feel warm or complain of feeling sick. I put her down for a nap and she only slept for about an hour so I decided to take her into our room to lay down with her so she would fall asleep again. (She normally sleeps for two hours so I wanted her to get a bit more sleep.) She felt warm when I put her down in our bed, but she's always warm. She is a warm blooded kid and HATES blankets when she sleeps. Anyway, we were laying there, she was telling me, "Nice nose mommy" and "Mommy has two eyes", basically normal conversations if she is sleeping with us. Five minutes later I felt her start moving around and I assumed it was a nightmare at first, but then I realized her eyes were in the back of her head and she was thrashing around like crazy. She wasn't "there." I immediately put her on her side, called 911 and took off her clothes. This one was different than the last one though because she was a lot more physical (the thrashing around) and it lasted longer.

The paramedics were at our house in five minutes, and they decided to take us to the hospital so we rode in the ambulance. Her temp when they arrived was 101.8, so really not that high. Most likely she was at 103 or so when she had her seizure. Sydney woke up when we were halfway there, crying. We were at the hospital for probably close to two hours, they checked her out, gave her some more meds, etc. Anthony met us at the hospital, along with Nana and Papa. (Thanks guys, I was so glad to have you there!!!)
Now she's upstairs sleeping, which she's been doing since we left the hospital two and a half hours ago.

This is probably one of the scariest thing a parent can ever go through. Even though this time I knew what it was, I was still freaked out and thinking my daughter was dying. Especially because this one was different than the last one. It was a lot more physical and longer in duration. I started questioning if it was really a febrile seizure or not.
The first time around I had never heard of a febrile seizure, and was hysterical and had no idea what to do. I was definitely a lot more calm this time, but still pretty scared. The first one Sydney did have a fever beforehand, and it was brought on by an undiagnosed ear infection. She was probably at 103 temp at that time. This time there was no warning, which was the scariest. The fever came on so incredibly quick and her ears are clean, no infection. We still need to test her for a UTI to see if that caused the fever.

So yeah-moms, remember this story and what to do if it happens to you. Febrile seizures are actually fairly common. Also, the doctor the first time around told us Motrin works way better for fevers than Tylenol so have some on hand. He suggested that when the fever gets high alternate every three hours between Tylenol and Motrin until it comes down. I used to only use Tylenol and it definitely doesn't work as well at Motrin.

I woke Sydney up at 8:30pm to give her Motrin and to feed her since she hasn't eaten since noon. She woke up chatting away, talking about her boo boo. She feels like she is normal temperature so I haven't taken her temperature yet. She's also eating quite well-she's had Dora chicken noodle soup, hot dog and cheese. haha, nice combination huh?

Anyway, here's the proof she is feeling well-
Sydney showing her boo boo (the hospital tag on her leg)
I ran into Bartell Drugs on the way home to pick up more Motrin and Tylenol. I saw the iced animal cookies and knew she would love them-which she does! Here is Sydney showing off her new favorite cookie


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Stace, that must have been awful. I am so glad she is OK and that you did all the right things. Love you guys! -Niki

April said...

Oh goodness, Stacy. That is scary. I am glad she is ok! Hugs to you for having to deal with that. I would have freaked out. I am glad you knew what it was.

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Stacy....I'm sitting her fighting to hold back tears because I CANNOT IMAGINE how terrified you must have been. Even going through it before now, I can't imagine anyone ever getting *used* to seeing their child in physical distress. I commend you for staying so calm and I'm so glad that Sydney is okay. BIG HUGS TO YOU MOMMA! Makes you want to just hug that girl a little tighter!

Wehunthouse said...

scary! I am glad she's alright. My nephew, Josh, used to have those seizures all the time, I remember how scary it is! Take heart, they grow out of them. She was probably more thrashy this time, because she is bigger and more active (you know I'm not a doctor but I act like one) Give her a big hug for us! :)

Tunky said...

Oh my goodness, Stace. How scary! At least you have been through this before and remained calm. Ugh! I am so glad to hear she is doing better. Poor little girl-how scary for her!

FlyingCats said...

Man! That is scary!!!! Once when Sonya was about 3, I took her out for a movie, then went to the mall, had lunch, walking around - having a really great time! She suddenly BURSTS into tears for no apparent reason. I pick her up, and she is HOT, burning up. I rush her home, where she starts projectilling...(so glad she waited and didn't do that in my car!). It's freaky scary how fast they can turn. But what I loser aunt I was to take out a perfectly healthy kid and bring back a vomiting

Emily said...

Wow - that is so scary!!! I am so glad to hear she is doing better!!!