Monday, March 24, 2008

Park Hopping

Today Sydney and I went to three parks, yup-we're park junkies. It was such a nice day we had to get out and enjoy it, so this is how the day went down.

We started off with ballet, which of course was fun. Then we headed over to "fix" Sydney's bangs. Okay, I know everyone has noticed Sydney's bangs are pretty bad. I was holding out until we saw Gram-o here in a few weeks (we're flying down to Sacramento for a long weekend) however we just couldn't wait that long. I decided to take Sydney to a regular salon-we're done with the kiddo places. It was a very nice salon and I might start going there for my hair actually. I mean it was the official salon of Seattle's fashion week-I'm sure that's right up there with the NY show, right? haha. Anyway, they did a great job and bang trims are free so it was a win win. And check out these bangs- short but pretty darn straight-

After the bang trim we headed over to a park I had seen before but never been to. We live near very large planned communities with dozens of neighborhoods and parks so we checked out one of those. It was fun and Sydney had a great time-
Sydney is so warm blooded-she won't sleep with blankets at night and still wakes up warm, but if it's colder than 60 degrees she needs mittens on her hands.
She loved the tire swing!
After her nap we decided to meet up with Kristin and Cole at our regular park, and the kids had so much fun. They loved chasing after each other and just had a blast-

Here's Sydney hopping/skipping/galloping-she does this when she is so happy and excited, it's cute.
Sydney and Cole giving each other kisses-they just love each other so much! Ahh, love this picture

And of course Sydney didn't want to go home so we decided to look for this great park a mom we met a few days ago told us about. I drove around a bit, couldn't find it, then ding ding ding, I remembered I could enter the park name into my car's navigation and we found it. Man I love navigation. It was a great park but it was pretty cold and starting to get dark so we just played for a few minutes. Here's Sydney at the cool park-
Apparently they have ducks too, which will be fun with the kids.
Sydney tried our her new portable potty at the park too-love it. This thing is the best! I'm so proud of my little girl! Today is day four of doing the die hard potty training and she is doing so well. She's had a couple accidents, but eh, no biggie. She is going on the potty, even at public places, and is doing great. I am being very proactive and tell her (not ask her) that it's time for Sydney to potty and she does. Sometimes she tells me when she has to go but not all the time so I just need to keep doing this. Diapers are something like 25 cents each so I told Anthony today that Sydney has already saved us $5! Woo hoo. Although we spent that on her treat for doing so well on the potty last night. We were at the grocery store and we decided to make a big deal of buying her a treat for her good work. She has had plenty of candy recently so we went with the next best thing-baking utensils. We let her pick out a Sydney size spatula to use when she helps daddy with pancakes. She picked out an orange one of course, her favorite color. Wow, I never in a million years would guess that my two year old loved helping out in the kitchen so much, since I am so not a cook.


Wehunthouse said...

Is that the park by my old place? Was I the mom that told you about it? Heron Park isn't it? Maddy loved that park. :)

FlyingCats said...

Thank goodness you FINALLY fixed the poor girl's bangs. I was getting ready to make an anonymous call to CPS ;-) She is so adorable.

Stacy O said...

Ah yes Trace, now that you mention it I do remember you telling me about it. We went there today.

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Way to go Sydney! I know you were getting so anxious! I guess she finally got it! More wishes for continued success! Sydney is just adorable Stacy! I forget how petite she is until I see pictures of her like the one of her in the gloves! She's so incredibly cute!!!