Monday, March 31, 2008

Sydney update

First of all, thanks for all the well wishes and support for Sydney. That means a lot to us.
Secondly, she is doing great! Last night you would have never known she was just at the hospital a few hours earlier. About 9pm she was bouncing around, playing, talking up a storm, and ate a ton of dinner. She went to bed pretty late but slept well. Last night her temperature was 99.8 and this morning it was 98.9, so really she's just fine fever wise. She's really into stories now, so I told her the story of what happened yesterday. She didn't remember the seizure, the paramedics or ambulance ride at all, which is good. She has been talking about the "man" at the hospital and her boo boo, but that's about it. The paramedics gave her a pink cow in the ambulance so she loves her new friend.

We have a follow up doctor appointment tomorrow with our family doctor and they will test her for a UTI then. So that's about it! She's upstairs reading in the bed, her normal routine before she goes to sleep.

The good thing about febrile seizures is that kids outgrow them by age 5. The seizures don't affect them neurologically at all, and she will not grow up and experience more seizures. It's just a scary scary thing that causes more harm to the parents than the kids.

And here's Sydney today-she loves her doll stroller, although she likes to sit in it most often. Today she figured out she can fit into the storage bin in the back

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

I'm so glad that Syd is much better! I still tear up when I think about how scary that must have been for you to go through. So glad to hear that Syd bounced back in no time at all!