Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ivy!

Today we went to Ivy's 3rd birthday party! We had a great time at the party, although I have to say it's also kind of difficult-Sydney is 5 months younger than Ivy and the next kiddo to celebrate a birthday. Ivy turning three means Sydney is turning three in just a matter of months, argh!!

We had a fun time and the kids had a great time playing, they are all close in age and get along great. Sydney was a tad anti-social though because Ivy and Cordelia have the best toys ever. She pretty much hung out in the front room the whole time playing with the kitchen, house and other fun toys they have. (They do have some awesome toys too.)
The birthday girl Ivy!
The kids table
Present time!
Sydney and Kaden
Princess Sydney
Where Sydney spent 98% of her time today
I'm using this picture of Kaden as blackmail in about 12 years.
Sydney and her Dora!
Angie gave this present to Sydney when we were leaving and oh boy, does she love this thing. In fact right now she is taking a nap with Dora as the pillow.
It was so hilarious-we left the party the same time as Leiann and Kaden. Either Kaden said, "Dora mine" or "That mine" or something along those lines. Well, Sydney is a tad possessive of her toys, especially her favorite ones, so she yelled back, "Dora MINE!" Then Kaden yelled back, "Dora MINE!" The whole way to the cars the kiddos were yelling back and forth, "Mine, mine mine." Oh my goodness, it was hilarious. I tried explaining to Sydney that Kaden was just messing with her but she wasn't having it. The whole 4 minute drive home Sydney kept saying, "Mine Kaden, Dora MINE!" Oh, the joy of two year olds.


FlyingCats said...

I can't believe she's rounding the corner into 3! Where did the time go? I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since the layoff! How's the potty training going? Still a success? But then, I hear girls are much easier in this arena than little boys are. Hope you're all doing well and staying warm. It's only 60 here today, and cloudy. I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. Brrrrr....chilly.

Stacy O said...

Oh boy, 60 sounds amazing right about now! haha. Potty training is going well, she is sitting on the potty most the time. ;)