Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy anniversary to us!

Today Anthony and I celebrate our four year wedding anniversary! We joke that it feels like we've been together forever, but in a good way. It really does feel like it's been longer actually. It's been a great four years!

We had such a wonderful wedding, everything just worked out perfectly.
We were married in Sausalito, California which is right across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco. The weather was amazing-it was 80 degrees all week, which is not normal for the Bay area in March. We had just under 40 guests at our wedding, mostly family but a few friends as well. They all arrived the week of the wedding so they could enjoy the sights around town and everyone had a blast, that week and at the wedding festivities. In fact several family members have told us it was the best wedding they've been too....and we have to agree, haha.

Here are a couple pictures of the event. Unfortunately most the pictures are on a computer that crashed that has yet to be fixed (ahem).

Our dinner rehearsal-David and Beverly went all out, this restaurant was right on the water and the food and wine was fabulous. It was great because our families and friends got to know each other before the wedding. I love this picture of us.
Our wedding!

Me and my bridesmaids! Friends Carli and Leiann, and my sister in laws Alisa and Kathryn

Honeymoon! We honeymooned in Carmel, Monterey and Napa. Anthony is such a good sport-here we are in our matching Monterey sweatshirts. Happy anniversary honey!


Tunky said...

Happy Anniversary lovebirds! Loved looking at the pics...takes me back. What an awesome time we had:) Remember our time at the spa, the night before the wedding, seeing you know who do the Electric Slide (lol) and someone not getting any sleep, oh and the awesome honeymoon suite...I could go on and on!

FlyingCats said...

4 years. Wow. How much has changed, and how much all that change has been good.

Congratulations! Now, go make more beautiful babies! :-)

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Happy anniversary Stacy! I love those pictures...but could be because I love those places!!! =) Happy four years and to many, many more!!!