Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello and Goodbye Easter Bunny!

Sydney and I visited the Easter bunny tonight while we were at the mall visiting Nana. She was so excited to see him, she talked about him for an hour before seeing him. Once we were close to the bunny she said, "I don ike it." (I don't like it.)
So this is our Easter bunny picture this year-see him in the background?

Yup, that's as close as she gets. Oh well, next year. She did tell me when she is three she will sit on his lap. Silly girl. Last year she wouldn't go near him so we are making progress. Here is her first year, before she knew better:

And my girl doesn't like to go home. She detests it, she even cries. She likes to go places, meet new people, see new things. We took a trip to Toys R Us tonight to stall. I don't blame her, I get bored at home also. Here she is cuddling up to the worm in the apple at Toys R Us:

One of the places we also went tonight is the play area at the mall. I have nicknamed the place, "The Devil's playground." Okay, so pretty dramatic I know, but 95% of the kids there are the bad kids. You know the ones, the ones that bite, hit, spit and throw things at other kids? Yup, this is their hangout. I am not kidding, I swear I even saw a three year old with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his white t-shirt, talking about a rumble later in the parking lot.

These places in the mall are a great concept really. After shopping with mom for an hour or two, stop in and play on the cool toys. However, it's not a good place. Parents must dump their kids off there and leave to finish their shopping because there's no supervision. Kids push each other down the slide, crawling babies pull themselves up right in front of the slide (where are the parents to move them to a safer place?) Kids don't care about the one year old who has been standing at the bottom of the slide for the last 7 minutes, so they slide into those kids and knock them over.

I have to say my big thing with Sydney is manners, and I am so proud of how well she handles herself. I have taught my child not to go down the slide when there is another child still in her way. So she waits. Well, the 7 year old behind her (who shouldn't be there anyway because they are not under 42 inches like the rules state) pushes her to get her moving. And yes I am that mom who tells other kids to knock it off. It's hard to have the small kid. Tonight Sydney was walking and she accidentally bumped into another child. She stopped and said, "Oh, I sorry" to this child. That was a whole new thing, the mom of the child she bumped into lit up and smiled, she had never heard it before coming from a child at the devil's playground. So no, we will probably not be going back anytime soon, especially on a Friday night. Tonight was worse than I have ever seen it. It's great when there aren't many kids there but tonight was ca-razy and we won't be back next week for the Friday night bad kid meetup.


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

No one can blame you for trying with the Easter Bunny! Hayden was the same way with the EB, but I knew if we stood in line he'd just freak like he did with Santa, so we'll just settle for walk-by's with him for now.

GOOD FOR SYDNEY for having great manners! And Yay for you for teaching her such great manners!!!

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

No more episodes, thank the LORD! I'm considering it an Easter gift from God Himself! =) Could have just been a case of reflux or sympathy labor pains for his mommy! =)

JessicaT said...

Stace you totally crack me up with your little stories.. The "Devils Playground!" LOL I luv ya~Jess