Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Girl Day

Today Sydney and I celebrated Big Girl day. It wasn't a planned day, it just sorta worked out to be that way.
We started out getting her bangs trimmed. You know it's time to cut your kid's hair when they have to keep pushing their hair out of their eyes.
Next Sydney got a manicure. Yes, you read that correctly, my 2 3/4 year old had her first manicure. It all started a month ago when I painted Sydney's nails. Ever since the polish started chipping off she's been asking me to paint her nails again-every day. Today we walked past a nail salon and I asked her if she wanted a woman to paint her nails. She excitedly said yes. For the low low price of $5 I watched my little girl beam with pride when the nail technician trimmed, shaped and polished her nails. She would look up at me every minute or so, flash a big grin and give me a big kiss. She was so excited and did really well. I told her that normally mommy would do this but it was a special treat today since she was such a good girl.

Then we headed off to Babies R Us. I used to spend a lot of time in that store when she was just a baby. Now we rarely go, but today we went to check out toddler beds.

I mentioned before the big bed decision. After much research, deliberation and asking Sydney what she wanted, we decided on a toddler bed. She told me she wants a bed like Cole's (toddler bed) instead of a pink race car bed. We also looked at twin beds today and she said she didn't like them because they were too tall and too big. So there you have it-we went for the toddler bed. She has been talking about her bed non stop since we bought it, and even toasted her bed in a box next to her with her juice box while riding home in the car. Right now Sydney is helping Anthony put it together...I can't believe she was able to wait this long. She is so excited to sleep in it tonight....I wonder if she will really sleep or explore her room all night? We shall see.

Helping daddy put the new bed together
Sydney loves her bed!

Sydney did great in her bed! She was so excited to go to bed last night and take her nap today. In fact when we came home tonight she said, "Almost night night time?" Wait, what? My child has never said that before....wow. She also hasn't figured out she can get out of her bed yet. She just sits there and waits for us to come get her. Wonder how long this will last?


Jessica Zevely said...

My eyes are totally watering. She is SUCH a big girl...WOW!!!! What happened to the little peanut that was just a baby???? I'm so proud :)

Leslie and Mark said...

I only know you through Chad and Kellye's blog but I'm a regular reader! Sydney is precious! My son has a toddler bed himself...he's four...and he STILL stays in there until we come get him out! Too funny!