Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Sydney's up to

Sydney has changed so much lately, not only is she looking so much older these days but she's acting way older too.

Here are a couple conversations from the past two days:

Sydney: When do I drink coffee?
Me: When you are 16.
Sydney: How about 8?
Me: No, 16.
Sydney: Okay.
Sydney: How about 6?

Me: Sydney, we need to go inside in one minute.
Sydney: I not Sydney.
Me: Who are you then?
Sydney: Alisa.
Me: Well what time does Alisa need to go inside?
Sydney: Five more minutes.

Sydney mastered the somersault this past week! She's been trying and trying but those little legs just weren't able to push her body over until now! She loves somersaults and practices daily. That and backflips off the chair, with mommy's help of course.

Sydney also "reads" her letters. She always reads the letters off shirts and signs, and she does well at recognizing nearly the whole alphabet. She still hasn't quite mastered singing the ABC song yet but she is getting close. She also counts to 12 now, which she's been doing 1-10 for a while but the eleven and twelve are new. After that it's sixteen, nineteen, two." Close.

Sydney also drew her first face the other day! I couldn't believe it, I thought Samantha had drawn it because she draws some really great people. We were at lunch with the posse and Sydney said, "look, it's mommy!" There was a face with two eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Today she drew a picture of face with a phone up to the ear. What's with my kid and phones? LOL

And the toddler bed is going really well. She loves sleeping in her big girl bed. She still waits until we come get her, so it's nice not having to worry about her roaming the house. She just sits there and waits. No yelling "mommy!" Today I took a nap and when I woke up I checked on her. She was wide awake and sitting up reading a book. I wonder how long she was there?? Poor kid.

Speaking of reading...she still loves books. We read books every day, and her new favorite thing after I read a book is that she "reads it to mommy." She repeats back some of the book and makes up the rest on her own. Or she starts reciting "Monkeys jumping on the bed." Apparently that's her favorite.

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Emily said...

Love the coffee conversation!!