Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long awaited recital pictures

The recital pictures, finally!!
I was going to post them right away, but there were a few events that happened before the recital so I needed to post them first. Then, I just forgot. I'd like to blame it on my prego brain, whether it really is because of that reason or not.

So the recital went very well!
Sydney did great. She was so excited to have Mam-o, Greg, Jessica and Papa and Nana in the audience. She kept telling us, "They here to see me dance!" She was so excited.

All the moms watched from backstage on a small tv. It was actually a bit difficult to see exactly who was dancing and who wasn't so I just looked for the shortest kid (Sydney) and knew that Ivy was standing right next to her. One or two girls just stood there the whole time, and I am proud to say it wasn't my daughter, woo hoo! Not that it would have been a bad thing by any means, really I went into it thinking it would be a success if she just made it on stage-who cares about the dancing. Sydney did very well. I don't think she ever did the hand wiggles, but it looked like she did most of the dances which is awesome! All the moms backstage did a little laughing too, I mean really-how cute and adorable is it watching 2-3 year olds dancing? I will admit I did tear up watching Sydney too.

She has come so far in the past eight months. Back in September when ballet first started, she had just turned two and she was clingy and shy. The moms actually watched from a window outside the dance room. It took well over a month for Sydney to leave my lap in the studio and join the group. Then she just stood and observed for another month or so. By the first of the year she was really getting into it and did so well at listening to the teacher and following directions. By May she was doing nearly all the dance steps, just like she did in the big show. She had hundreds of strangers watching her and she danced so well and with so much determination. This past eight months I have watched my daughter develop her confidence and independence. Iam so incredibly proud of her-that is the reason for the tears not only at the show but as I write this.

At the end of the show the audience clapped, and Sydney clapped. Of course she assumed everyone was clapping for her. Greg and Jessica brought Sydney a half dozen gorgeous roses and Mam-o brought Sydney these two adorable roses, each wrapped in ribbon. Perfect for her to carry around. She was so proud of her flowers-she talked about them for weeks.

Here are the pictures of Sydney's big recital-

Greg and Jessica with Sydney and her roses

Mam-o, Sydney, Anthony and I
Ivy and Sydney
Sydney proudly holding on to her roses
All that dancing wears a girl out!
Thank you to Greg, Jessica, Mam-o, Nana and Papa for coming to the recital to support Sydney! She loved having you there.

Congratulations Sydney, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh good grief she is so darn cute in her recital outfit! I love it. I welled up reading that as well!!! Congrats Syd! Love you! Niki