Friday, June 27, 2008

Spray Park!

Today was the kids last day of our Kindermusik program. Lisa found this really great toddler music class and we were able to start attending with just four weeks left, which was good because it was something to do after our other activities ended and before a lot of the fun summer activities begin. Sydney was in a music class before and it was not near as great as this one. The teachers were awesome and the kids played with tons of instruments each time, from sticks to drums to bells. They absolutely loved it! I also loved that the teacher included 10 month old Jacob into everything. She added his name into songs and let him play all the instruments the older kids were playing. In past classes I noticed most teachers ignoring the younger siblings-so weird to me.

After class we headed over to the new spray park at a local park. The place was packed! Between the awesome weather and school being out, holy moly-happening place to be. Sydney's thing was to put her foot in the fountain, run over to me and sit down, wrap herself up in the towel for 5 seconds, then run back and do it all over-50 times. It was hilarious. She was freezing cold the whole time-the weather was close to 80 yet she had goose bumps all over and she was shivering at one point. How does my warm blooded kid get so cold in water? Wow.

Samantha and Sydney having fun

The three amigos
I think Samantha is doing a little jig here E.T. phone home
Baby Jakey

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