Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sydney's new BFF's

Tonight Sydney and I had dinner with my old friends Carrie and Heather. I have known these girls for years-I met Carrie when we were both in high school. We worked together at JCPenney, and eventually moved on to WaMu at the same time. Heather also worked with us at JCPenney and she became my Montana road trip buddy. We had some great times on our road trips, and the road trips must have been a success because Heather later went to graduate school at Montana State. (We both loved Montana!)

We've stayed in touch over the years but the three of us get together maybe once a year-not nearly enough. We decided tonight we need to have a monthly get together. I adore both of them, they are such awesome girls and they adore Sydney. And now Sydney adores them-she loved all the attention she received from Heather and Carrie and on our way home she even said, "I miss my new friends so much." Too cute.

Sydney and her two new BFF's:

Funny story-Carrie was playing with Sydney and there was a slight injury. Carrie offered up a balloon to make her feel better, and it worked. The problem is Claim Jumper restaurant didn't have balloons so we went to another restaurant to get a balloon because there was no way Sydney would forget about the balloon once Carrie mentioned it. Sydney was so excited about her balloon-she talked about it for quite a while. Then I made a HUGE mistake. I decided to open the sunroof since Sydney loves all the windows and sunroof open, totally forgetting about the balloon. Guess what flew out the sunroof? The beloved balloon Carrie got for her. Oh boy. There was a major balloon meltdown. We ran into the grocery store where I bought Sydney a new balloon, Dora the Explorer of course. She seems to be pretty happy with her new balloon but she's still talking about her pink Carrie balloon. Mental note-don't ever open sunroof when helium balloons are present in car.